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May 2016


Music in Swedish television


During spring 2016, a lot of Thomas music could be heard in SVT shows like Korrespondenterna, Mitt Sverige and More....


More music to Neti Neti Media.


More music has been delivered to San Francisco based production company Neti Neti Media. This is an More.....


Hermit, Monster Killer


The music to Swedish low budget creature feature "Hermit, Monster Killer" is now finished and delivered. The film is directed by More....

Welcome to Thomas Rydell Music!


Since its start in 2001 Thomas Rydell Music has provided quality music for media to clients all over the world. With background in both rock- and classical music, Thomas sees the value of working with real instruments, but he also works with new music technology, or combines the best of the two worlds.


Thanks to his diverse past and a vast network of musicians, Thomas is able to produce virtually any musical style. His experience in working as a sound engineer for films adds yet another dimension to his work.


Credits and Clients


Previous clients include CBS, The Travel Channel, National Geographics Channel, SVT (Swedish Television), TV4 Sweden, Sonetfilm and Shoreline Entertainment. Click an image below to listen to samples.













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