"Go all the way - a film about Lester Levenson"

For the past two years Thomas has worked on his own documentary film. The film is about Lester Levenson, a modern American spiritual master who lived 1909-1994. The film...

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"Vetenskapens värld" (2018)

SVT Sweden

"Nobel banquet" (2017)

SVT Sweden

"Jennie möter" (2017)

SVT Sweden

"Gokväll" (2017)

SVT Sweden

"Korrespondenterna" (2016)

Documentary about agriculture within European Union

SVT2 Sweden

"Korrespondenterna" (2016)

Documentary about Tjernobyl

SVT2 Sweden

"Mitt Ögonblick" (2016)

SVT2 Sweden

"Mitt Sverige" (2016)

SVT2 Sweden

"Travel Channel" (2015)

Travel show episodes (USA)

"Royal Wedding" (2015)

Live broadcast (Sweden)

"Radiohjälpen" (2015)

Help Organization (Sweden)

"Gokväll" (2015)

SVT2 (Sweden)

"Eldsjälar" (2014)

Opening music

SVT2 (Sweden)

"Vetenskapens värld" (2014)

SVT2 (Sweden)

"Gokväll" (2014)

SVT2 (Sweden)

”Eurovision song contest/Lynda Woodruff” (2013)

SVT1 (Sweden)

”Vetenskapens värld” (2013)

SVT2 (Sweden)

”Gokväll” (2013)

SVT2 (Sweden)

”Gokväll” (2012)

SVT2 (Sweden)

”Sverker rakt på” (2010)

SVT2 (Sweden)

”Vetenskapens Värld/Tjernobyl” (2010)

SVT2 (Sweden)

”Dokument Inifrån” (2010)

SVT2 (Sweden)

"Vetenskapens värld/Nobel" (2009)

SVT2 (Sweden)

"Vem tror du att du är" (2009)

SVT2 (Sweden)

"Göteborg - en hotad stad" (2008)

SVT2 (Sweden)

"Spotlight" (2008)

TV4 (Sweden)

"Kobra" (2006)

SVT2 (Sweden)

"The Amazing Race" (2006)


"Journey of a Lifetime" (2006)

Featuring Jeremy Piven

The Travel Channel (USA)

"Torino 2006: A Traveler's Guide" (2006)

The Travel Channel (USA)

"Kobra" (2005)

SVT2 (Sweden)

"Uppdrag Granskning" (2004)

SVT1 (Sweden)

"The Holy Grail" (2004)

National Geographic Channel (USA)

"Mosaik" (2002)

Opening and closing music

SVT2 (Sweden)


Coorporate films

"PS of Sweden" (2015)

corporate film

Dir. Pelle Wichmann

"Dragonframe stop motion" (2011)

corporate film

Dir. Jamie Caliri (USA)

"Anisa International" (2009)

corporate film

Dir. Andrew Morse/Digital Tsunami (Australia)

"Svenska Pärlor" (2009)

featuring Peter Harrysson

TDP-Studios (Sweden)

"Philips" (2008)

corporate film

Dir. Malte Derks (Germany)

"Mälarlaser" (2007)

corporate film (Sweden)

"Abecita" underwear (2007)

featuring Carolina Gynning

Dir. Andrea Belluso (Sweden)

"Mälarträ" (2007)

corporate film (Sweden)

"Ekolsund slott" (2007)

Two films about Ekolsund castle

and the medieval Tournament (Sweden)



SAND Community gathering (2017)

Dir. Gabriele Bertotti

Youtube trailer

"House of graphics" (2016)

Music for website (Sweden)

"Mälarlaser" (2007)

corporate film (Sweden)

Beach Huts (2007)

Music for website (Australia)

Laservision (2005)

Theme for website and DVD (Australia / Hong Kong)



"Time Trilogy" (2016)

Thomas Rydell & Uwe Cremer


"Sirius Singularity" (2012)

Thomas Rydell & Uwe Cremer /


"Kvällstoner (Evening Music)" (2008)

Thomas Rydell Ensemble / Ambient music

"Impulsive Music" (2007)

A collection of music from 2000-2004

"World" (1997)

The Thomas R Experiment

World Music / Progressive Rock

"Watercycle" (1993)

The Thomas R Experiment

"As Above, So Below" (1991)

Electronic Rock / New Instrumental Music

"Lemurium" (1990)

Progressive Rock / New Instrumental Music

"Lotus" (1989)

Vinyl single released by Platina Records, Göteborg


Songs (2005-2007, 2010-)

for Tant Klavér children's musical theatre

Three Kurdish songs (2006)

for vocalist Silan Yilmaz

Arrangements and recording

Played on Radio P4. Now available at Youtube:



Zinga Zinga

Background music (1990-1994)

A number of cassette tapes for the Holistic therapeut Kristina Wennergren

Composition, arrangement and recording

Feature films

"Den gamle och monstret" (Hermit monster killer) 2016

Dir. Ola Paulakoski (Sweden)

"Faust 2.0" (2013/2014)

Dir. Micke von Engström, Johannes Pinter (Sweden)

"Meningen med Hugo" (2010/2011)

Dir. Björn Engström (Sweden)

"Den som knackar" (2010)

Dir. Martin Munthe (Sweden)

"No Matter What" (2008)

Dir. Oscar Pettersson (Sweden/China)

DVD release by SF

"Year One"(2006)

Dir. Martin Munthe (Sweden)

"Stinger" (2005)

Dir. Martin Munthe (Sweden)

DVD release by Shoreline Entertainment (USA)

"Camp Slaughter" (2004)

Dir. Martin Munthe (Sweden)

DVD release by Sandrews

"Hot Dog" (2002)

Dir. Alexandra Therese Keining (Sweden)

DVD release by Sonetfilm



"Go all the way - a film about Lester Levenson" (2019)

Dir. Thomas Rydell

"Hans Arnold- Dokumentärenom penselns häxmästare" (2018)

Dir. Micke Engström (Sweden)

"Art of life" (2016-17)

Dir. Maurizio Benazzo

Neti Neti Media (USA)

"Rays of the Absolute" (2014-15)

Dir. Maurizio Benazzo

Neti Neti Media (USA)

"Being Human 2013" (2013)

Music/film to a San Francisco based science conference

Dir. Maurizio Benazzo (USA)

Sörmlandsgrytan (2012)

Dir. Peter Holthausen, Cinevent (Sweden)

"Science and Nonduality Anthology Vol. 1 & 2" (2010/2011)

Interviews with scientists and spiritual teachers

DVD release by Neti Neti Media (USA)

"Wet Dreams" (2008)

featuring Rebecca Romijn (X-men)

Dir. Steven Willis (USA)

"DC-3 Daisy" (2008)

Vintage airplane DC-3 "Daisy"

Dir. Mikael Öqvist (Sweden)

"Medieval people" (2006)

Moving Headshot Productions (Canada)

"Three Years before Trials" (2002)

John Chang (USA)


Short films

"Inspirapption" (2013)

Dir. Johannes Pinter (Sweden)

"Nättrollets" diskreta charm (2013)

Dir. Micke von Engström (Sweden)

”Baby Killer” (2012)

Dir. Johannes Pinter (Sweden)

"Element" (2012)

Dir. Oskar Johansson (Sweden)

”Pigment” (2011)

Dir. Johannes Pinter (Sweden)

"Livet nästa" (2009)

Dir. Thomas Dahlin/TDP-Studios (Sweden)

"Tant Q" (2006)

Dir. Karin Bertling (Sweden)

"A.M." (2005)

nominated for the World soundtrack awards

Dir. Erich Silva (Sweden/USA)

"Samarkandas Fiol" (2005)


Dir. Santiago Pinto (Sweden)

"Kyrkbänken" (2005)

Dir. Karin Bertling (Sweden)

"På tåget" (2005)

Dir. Martin Vilcans (Sweden)

"The Werewolf Cult Chronicles: Vietnam 1969" (2005)

Dir. Ola Paolakoski (Sweden)

"Dog Walk" (2004)

Dir. Johannes Pinter (Runeborg) (Sweden)

DVD release by Njuta films

"Förlorade Timmar" (2004)

KW Studios (Sweden)

"Zombie Psycho STHLM" (2004)

Dir. Micke Engström (Sweden)

DVD release by Njuta films

"Moving" (2003)

Dir. Karin Bertling (Sweden)

Two short films (2002)

silent films

Dir. David Henriksson (Sweden)

"I.D.B.A.V." (2002)

Dir. Micke Engström (Sweden)

DVD release by Njuta films



"VFSS Hope" (2011)

Dir. Thomas Dahlin/TDP-studios

"Dark Moon" (2007)

Dir. Malte Derks

"The Werewolf Cult Chronicles: Vietnam 1969" (2006)

Dir. Ola Paolakoski

"Kärringen därnere" (2006)

Dir. Projektbyrån Orkano


Notated music-commissions

Contemporary classical music

"322-312" (2010)

Leonie Schaller (Saxophone)

"Fira detta ljus" (2007)

Mats Carlsson (Tenor) and Nicklas Lundberg (guitar)

"Aqua" (2003)

Crossover ensemble

Kulturskolan i Strängnäs

"If I ever should" (2003)

Music for solo flute in three movements

Åsa Karlberg, Strängnäs

"Ritual" (2002)

Crossover ensemble, featuring Kurash Sultan (vocals & Dutar)

Commissioned by Eskilstuna Kommun for "Kulturtinget"

"A swim in the sea of subconscious currents" (2002)

Commissioned by the Danish ensemble "De Syv", Aalborg

Three comtemporary classical pieces (1999)

Rambutan, Carambola and Beacon

Falköpings Orkesterförening

"Concerto for accordeon and ensemble" (1997)

Ensemble featuring accordeonist Niclas Nyman

A number of contemporary compositions (1996-1998)

Duo Novus

"Echoes" and "I can do better than that" (1996)

Tim Hagans and Norrbotten Bigband, featuring Håkan Broström

"Black Sun" (1994)

an orchestral piece for Härnösands Orkesterförening


Recording and arranging of well known songs for a CD (2010)

Mikael Rasmussen

String arrangement to the song OK (2008)

Freak Kitchen/Mattias IA Eklundh

Brass / Woodwind section & Band (2006-2008)

"E-flat jump" bluesband

"Uighurian Marsch" (2004)

Marching band

composition by the late Kurash Sultan

Brass / Woodwind section & Band (2005)

"Little Red & the Roosters" bluesband

Two arrangements (2003)

Strängnäs string orchestra and members from Västerås sinfonietta

Arrangements (1997-)

Different "Kommunala Musikskolor"

A number of jazz standard tunes (1997)

Edmond Bigband


"Teas tårar", Piteå" (1996)

Music to the multimedia performance

Note editing

A number of traditional Swedish folk tunes (1994)

for Murbergsmuseet, Härnösand