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In 1952, in New York, the physicist and engineer Lester Levenson had an insight that would change his life. After having a second serious heart attack, the doctors said that he was in such a bad state, that he could die at any moment. Now that Lester had no way out, he was determined to find out why he had ended up in this situation. He made some remarkable discoveries, recovered his health completely and lived for another 42 years, with an unshakeable inner peace. In this film we meet some of the people who knew him, and can tell us more.

Featuring Rick Solomon, Kate Freeman, Mike Klein, Ralph Zeitlin, Sylvia Dante.

A film by Thomas Rydell. Documentary film, 40 minutes in .mp4 format, Captions (sustitles) in English.

Filmed and edited 2017-2019.

All music by Thomas Rydell 2019.

The soundtrack is available at: http://www.thomasrydell.bandcamp.com

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